The energy supply to humankind in a sustainable development manner is a very important challenge in the current era. There are broad technologies to ensure this supply and a huge amount of investment is conducting in this way. However, energy supply is interconnected with some strategic demands such as food, water, and the environment. Nowadays, the sustainable development scenarios for the entire world only can be accessed by a more comprehensive view of all of these fields and developing green solutions for energy supply in different regions and societies.

Sysengeo is a pioneer in developing green solutions for energy, focusing on different fields of renewable energy and their applications. Our activities cover a wide area in technology development from R&D to industrialization and production turnkey implementation. Our solar photovoltaic team has employed expert engineers to support customers in all of the engineering, purchase, construction, and financing (EPCF) process. Sysengeo as an international company support projects all over the world with a special activity in Asia and Europe.

Besides the PV as our main activity in the energy sector, wind farms and urban small-scale wind energy generators are other working areas of Sysengeo. Also, we support potential customers in the improvement of their energy productivity and efficiency. Combined heat, cooling, and power systems (CHCP) are our solution in this way which can be implemented in megawatt-scale to kilowatt-scale.